“Sister Morphine,” Tell Me What You Poll, I’m So Tired of Thinking

The days preceding the June 7 Democratic Primaries were radioactive with energy from both of the campaign staffs.

Then A. P. and Twitter sauntered–or did it nobly step up and simply announce their journocorp propaganda–(I still can’t understand how Absentee Ballots in California are counted and regularly released to the media.) Will there ever, in this pretense of a democracy (no Constitutional right to vote: States control) be an election where polls will be silenced, where early results will be prohibited, and–god forbid–people will have to do their own thinking and feeling and make up their own minds without deciding which popularity group they do or don’t want to join? “This” is democracy? Was this some monster which was created by abhorrent machinations of elites to further treat the people as if some school of fish they were managing?