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This domain is currently owned and maintained by Barry McKenna, and is not affiliated with any Occupy group or similar organization. The domain name OccupyThisHope was chosen simply for its use as a metaphor about Hope, making some use of the contemporary emphasis and potential energy generated by the general Occupy movement.

It is my hope that there will be sufficient interest in the general concepts of these clauses for a U.S. Constitutional amendment, and frequent experience continues to support my original belief that the fundamental needs of the 99%, regardless of their general political values, could be resolved with the passage and ratification of this amendment.

I am both open to receiving comments and suggestions and revising the specifics of this proposal, and open to allowing some more formalized group of other individuals or groups to take over the work of promoting this cause.

I have no interest in perpetuating my name as somehow attached to sole leadership of this proposal. Instead, my interest is in furthering the healthy social and political evolution of our nation, and in continuing with the research and writing that is currently alluded to at BarryMcKenna.com and that has been the focus of my life for the last twenty-five years.

The concept for this type of amendment to our Constitution occurred to me many years ago. It stayed for those many years as a distant dream, meandering and surfacing in my memory from time to time.

The concept has been born now due to a number of reasons: The worldwide movement for significant democratic changes in many nations, the means to promote just about any idea with the glorious invention of our internet, and finally, the values inherent in this Constitutional amendment are an integral part of both my life’s history and with the content and direction of my research and writing. So, for me, making this amendment proposal actual and public is consistent with my needs on multiple levels.

I hope that this proposal comes to meet the needs and conscious awareness of many millions. Please help to make what may be our common dream come true.

Barry McKenna
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